Wildlife and Propaganda: Lake Baikal Edition

During our trip along the shore of Lake Baikal, two of our nights were spent at the quaint lake-side town of Tanhoi. Before arriving, few of the students knew anything about this small town of less than 1000 inhabitants. Personally, I had just assumed it would be a dinky little fishing village like several others […]

81 Hours

I remember earlier in this term one of our professors jokingly described our trip on the Trans-Siberian Railroad would be like sitting in jail for three days. We all laughed off what was clearly a joke but as the time flew by in Moscow and then in Siberia, I started to think more about that […]

First Impressions of Moscow Cuisine

Although the amount of food I have grown to like has certainly expanded since I got to Carleton, I would still consider myself a picky eater. At Carleton I could get away with being somewhat selective when I went to the dining halls and I almost never had problems finding something I wouldn’t put in […]