Wildlife and Propaganda: Lake Baikal Edition

During our trip along the shore of Lake Baikal, two of our nights were spent at the quaint lake-side town of Tanhoi. Before arriving, few of the students knew anything about this small town of less than 1000 inhabitants. Personally, I had just assumed it would be a dinky little fishing village like several others […]

81 Hours

I remember earlier in this term one of our professors jokingly described our trip on the Trans-Siberian Railroad would be like sitting in jail for three days. We all laughed off what was clearly a joke but as the time flew by in Moscow and then in Siberia, I started to think more about that […]

What Do You Think of When You Think of Siberia?

One of the most frequently asked questions put to me by Russians during my time here is: “what stereotypes do Americans have about Russia?”. Then, before I can give an answer, they list the things that they’ve heard we think about them: bears in the streets, everybody drinks vodka, it’s always cold, and Siberia is […]

Sweat it Out

Have you ever heard the phrase “sweat it out”? Maybe a friend told you when you had a cold that it’d be a good idea to go work out? I believe in the “sweat it out” principle of curing a common cold, and sometimes I’ve gone to what I felt were significant lengths: full sweatsuits, […]