A Not So Gentle Man in Moscow Part 2 – In the Kremlin

“The Kremlin released a statement today…” “Sources close to the Kremlin…” The Kremlin.  It’s a dominating presence overlooking the Moskva River and Red Square, housing the upper house of the Russian parliament, a presidential residence, and numerous cathedrals and museums.  In American news, the above statements are quite frequent when referring to the Russian government […]

The Hermitage and the Tretyakovskaya: East, West, Neither, Both?

  Perhaps the most famous attraction in St. Petersburg is the Hermitage, a sprawling complex of art museums centered around the Winter Palace, the former residence of Russian tsars. Built by the Italian architect Rastrelli for Empress Elizabeth in the first half of the 18th century, the palace is a dizzyingly ornate Rococo confection of marble, […]

Museum of the Dolls

         I decided to go on a whim. It was something I had passed by before while wandering through Chistye Prudy, thought looked both interesting and unsettling, and then passed by. It’s small enough that you might miss if you’re not looking for it, marked by a small sign on the front window: The Museum […]

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts: Do Copies Matter?

I knew right away when I learned I was traveling to Moscow that I’d want to visit as many museums as possible. I decided to start with one of the biggest, a museum that has displayed collections of European art since the start of the twentieth century. Incidentally, the museum has absolutely nothing to do […]